NEW STATE MOBILE provides various functions to help players shoot more conveniently.

The details of each function are explained below, so please set the relevant functions to fire more conveniently.

- Auto Aim is a function to move the aiming point toward the target when the target is located within a certain range of shooting.
(However, it applies only when the target is within 70m or closer.)

- Single/Burst Mode Auto Fire is a function that allows you to fire at constsnt speed by holding the fire button, even without touching the button continuously.

- Auto Sholder Weapon is a function you can use to automatically change to the Shoulder Mode during normal shooting, not a scope mode.

- Shotgun Firing/Sniper Rifle Firing Mode is a function that allows you to set the shooting method [when holding/releasing the button] when shooting.

Please note that the above functions can be set through the follwing ways.