You can unlink a NEW STATE MOBILE account and social account 21 days after the integration.

Please note that you should wait 30 days after unlinking to link accounts again. Therefore please carefully decide and take the following steps to disable account integration.

3 dots at the top right of the lobby > Setting > Basic > Unlink button (a clip image)

- Unlinking is available only for an account you are not logged into.
- When two platform accounts are integrated, you can disable the integration of only one account.
- You can disable the social platform integration of PUBG: NEW STATE 21 days after the integration.
- Social platform integration is disabled when you log in to your PUBG: NEW STATE 7 days after the disable request is made.
- You can cancel your request to disable social platform integration when you log in to your PUBG: NEW STATE via the social platform account within 7 days from the request.
- You can use the unlink feature 30 days after the integration is disabled.