NOTE: If you reset or change your device or uninstall the game application, you will lose any Guest Account not linked to a social media account. Please note that each social media account may only be linked to one NEW STATE MOBILE account.

If you have your previous device, please follow the steps below:

[How to Link a Guest Account with your Social Media Account]
1. Connect to NEW STATE MOBILE with the previous device
2. Click the menu button on the top right side of the lobby
3. Click the 'settings (cogwheel image)' button
4. Find the linked platforms menu, and choose the platform icon you wish to link
5. Check the social account information and continue

[Linkable Social Media for Android]
- Google Play: For Android only
- Facebook: For both Android and iOS

[Linkable Social Media for iOS]
- Apple Appstore: For iOS only
- Facebook: For both Android and iOS