This section applies only if you are located within the EU.

Designated Point of Contact for inquires under the EU Digital Services Act, such as illegal content

This contact information serves as a designated point of contact, exclusively in compliance with Article 11 and 12 of the Digital Services Act (the “DSA”), including but not limited to inquiries about (potential) illegal content. 
This is only intended for inquiries related to the DSA, and it is not intended for any other use.
Please make sure all requests are submitted in English or Dutch.
KRAFTON, Inc. has designated a single point of contact to communicate directly with Users for the purposes of the DSA. 
For support with your DSA queries, please contact
KRAFTON, Inc. has designated a single point of contact to communicate directly with EU Member States’ authorities, the European Commission, and the European Board for Digital Services for the purposes of the DSA.
For support with your DSA queries, please contact
Legal representative ex Article 13 DSA: KRAFTON EUROPE B.V., Strawinskylaan 667, 1077 XX Amsterdam, the Netherlands, email:, phone: +31203085181.

Content Moderation Policy

This content moderation policy defines guidelines and rules for developing, distributing, and maintaining appropriate content in alignment with the goals and values of KRAFTON. These include:

1. Content Creation Guideline:

  • Defined process for developing content and identify content creators.
  • Established quality standards and guidelines for maintaining consistent and effective content.
  • Implemented review procedures to ensure accuracy, reliability, and clarity for user understanding.
  • For further details, consult the IP Policy.


2. Personal Information Protection:

  • Developed privacy policies to protect sensitive information and personal data associated with content.
  • Complied with privacy laws and regulations, including regulations governing the collection, use, storage, and processing of user personal information.
  • For further details, consult the Privacy Policy.

3. Content Moderation Policy:

        a.    Chat Reporting System      

    • The system uses automated tools to monitor reports of inappropriate behavior during chats.
    • If a user accumulates a certain number of reports within a specific timeframe, actions are taken.
    • These actions may include temporary chat bans.
    • Each user's report history is tracked for moderation purposes.
    • Different types of reports, such as those for inappropriate language or advertising, are separately counted.

        b.    Inappropriate Chat

    • Periodic Updates:
      • The Live Operations Team updates the list of prohibited words on a regular basis.
      • Changes to the prohibited word list are monitored regularly by the Live Operations Team.
    • Non-Periodic Updates:
      • Updates may occur as needed due to social or political issues or any impact on live services.

        c.    Inappropriate Custom Game Name

    • Any text containing specific prohibited words is not allowed.
    • For further details, consult the Rules of Conduct.


4. Violation Handling and Conflict Resolution Policy:

  • The Terms of Service specify procedures for addressing violations of content-related laws and regulations.
  • In the Terms of Service procedures are established for promptly and effectively resolving complaints or conflicts from users.

For further details, consult the 
Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct.